Pan-Canadian civil society coalition launches new website

  • Trade Justice Network
  • 08 Dec 2017
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December 8, 2017 — Today, the pan-Canadian civil society coalition on NAFTA launches its new bilingual NAFTA website. The pan-Canadian coalition, which emerged from the North American civil society gathering on NAFTA in Mexico City in May 2017, is made up of labour, environmental, farmer, social justice and other civil society groups across English-speaking Canada and Quebec.

Following the NAFTA Civil Society Summit in Ottawa in September, the coalition decided to develop a central website to share knowledge and promote the activities of various civil society organizations in Canada and Quebec. Today, the coalition’s coordinating group — Common Frontiers, Council of CanadiansRéseau québécois sur l’intégration continentale and the Trade Justice Network — is pleased to launch this new website.

The NAFTA website provides a common platform for coalition members and allies to:

  • Access information and resources on NAFTA
  • Share alternatives to the current neoliberal, pro-corporate trade model
  • Post information about upcoming events and actions to help coordinate activities during days of action

Access the new website here:

(French version: