Save Roşia Montană: The fight against ISDS in Romania

  • Trade Justice Network
  • 28 Jun 2019
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A new video released Monday, June 24 profiles one community’s fight against the effects of investor state dispute settlement (ISDS).

For 20 years, residents of beautiful Romanian town Roşia Montană have fought plans to build a toxic gold mine, which would have destroyed their home and the environment. They stopped the project in court, where the mine was declared illegal.
But now Canadian company Gabriel Resources is suing Romania in an international tribunal, seeking US$5.7 billion in compensation – nearly 3% of Romania’s GDP.

Will this force the government to its knees, meaning it will change the law and approve the mine after all?! Watch the video:

Image of logo for the campaign, Salvati Rosia Montana

The Trade Justice Network is pleased to join Canadian, European and international organizations in co-publishing this important video. The video was launched together with two others–highlighting cases in Croatia and Italy–and alongside a report entitled Red Carpet Courts. The report, published by CEO, TNI, FoEE, and FoEI, profiles ten ISDS cases that have undermined justice and human rights around the world.

Cases like these prove just how important it is to stop this dangerous legal system that gives enormous power to corporations. Sign the petition to #StopISDS here:

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