The Demise of NAFTA: Threat or Opportunity for Change?

  • Trade Justice Network
  • 27 Oct 2017
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The ongoing NAFTA renegotiations have prompted governments, analysts, civil society, and the broader public to wonder: what would the elimination of NAFTA mean for Canada?

This question has understandably triggered a great deal of anxiety amongst Canadians. However, many researchers and commentators have entered the debate to highlight that the demise of corporate trade deals like NAFTA (or the current neoliberal global trade regime more broadly) would not plunge the Canadian economy into chaos. The impact on trade would be relatively small. In fact, the situation would present real opportunities to pursue alternatives to the current model for global trade.

The Trade Justice Network (TJN) joins the call for such alternatives in order to promote a more equitable, inclusive, socially just and sustainable model of trade or economic exchange. Check out our webpage on creating alternatives to learn more and access resources.